Getting drunk for the first time and cheating?

I'm using my sister account but I'm a man that is dating a younger girl. Currently she is in medical school and she befriend this guy in her class. I'm pretty sure she talk to him about our relationship because they together all the time. He have a girlfriend and she have me. We have a 17 year difference, I'm 39 and she is 22. Lately she been acting strange. I missed two important events of hers because I went to my son game. I can't just not be there for him. But her best friend went.

Yesterday I talked to her about why she been feeling the way she do and that I don't want her to be friends with that guy and she snapped out " I act as a mother to your kids, I cook and clean, i dont really have no friends, my family disowned me because of our relationship and you don't want me to live my life?" He is here for me, you never compromise.

She really hurt my feelings and I really do love her. What can I do?

How to save my relationship?
Sorry nvm


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  • Talk to her, just talk it out.

    • Hey this dude somehow hacked me!

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    • I don't either

    • @JesseTheGirl I'm not sure if you will see this since it says your account isn't active anymore. Just in case click on the three vertical dots next to how many hours ago the question was posted. First close the question. Then you can delete it. Sometimes it won't let you. If that is the case, you can disavow. It will disappear from your profile and be made anonymous.

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