Why is ethnic food so expensive?

I wanted to get italian or mexican food for 9 people. I want it to be authentic so i looked around and found two places. If i were to buy from any of these places with a combination of four different items for each plate i totaled it at 10 dollars for each plate. My problem is that if i go to Pizza Hut or Taco bell i can get this food at 7-8 dollars a plate. Tacos aren't two dollars each theyre one dollar each. I like to save money and calculate every dollar. Most of these companies try to screw customers over. I work at a fast food restaraunt and i always try to find the best prices i can for customers. Why do these ethnic places have to be more expensive and i get less food.
I totaled it at 10 plates because i calculated it before i did it. So my price isn't bad on the italian the problems are the portions.
10 dollars each plate.


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  • Fast food is crap, uses crap ingredients, and the workers have no skill. If you want to sell crap, you sell it cheap.

    • Pretty much. Still i get a lot more portions thats what i meant.

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    • I was just explaining how the real world works, child. I didn't create it. So, don't whine when someone points reality out to you.

    • This went from 0-100. I was just saying it made sense. Thanks.

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  • chinese food and korean food is dirt cheap and so is thai food when you learn to cook it yourself.

    • I want to buy the foods from the restaraunts. So you mean thai, korean and chinese is cheaper to buy in restaraunts? Thats when I've noticed for example Mexican food is cheaper than italian food. I think it depends on the country.

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  • Market segmentation, probably. People are willing to pay for authentic stuff.

  • I feel the same way when i want BBQ. It's so expensive!


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