How do I make a sandwich?

I have no clue what to do with my stuff!


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  • Take two slices of bread. Put whatever the hell you want in between them.

    If you want to get really crazy, you can use only one slice of bread and make an open-faced sandwich.


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  • Walk into the kitchen. Open the fridge and grab your ingredients. Walk to the counter and lay everything down. Walk over to the drawer, open it and grab a butter knife. Close the drawer and walk back to the counter and lay the knife down. Go to the cupboards open the cupboards and grab plate, then close the cupboard and walk to the counter and lay the plate down. Grab two slices of bread and place them upon the plate. Take the butter knife and spread the mayo on each slice of bread. Then put on some salt and pepper. Continue to grab some mustard and squeeze out some onto your slices of bread. Grab your meat, cheese and lettuce. Put them inbetween the slices of bread and eat.


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  • Writing a story is a bit like making a sandwich.


    Well, if you want to create a really tasty sandwich, then you need lots of exciting ingredients.

    Stories are just the same!
    Lets start with the base! The first slice of bread. The beginning of your story.
    This slice can be found in your setting.
    Where will that be?
    What type of bread should you choose?

    Something plain?
    Or something a bit more fancy?

    • But it doesn’t have stuff

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    • I’ll be over in 2 min

    • Sickk can't wait to get some mayo up in this ham sandwich

  • Take 2 slices of your favorite bread put what you like between and consume.

  • Did you ever get your sandwich?


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