How should I satisfy my hunger?

⚠️ TMI WARNING ⚠️ I’m gonna be talking about my menstrual cycle, because it’s germane to the predicament I’m currently experiencing! (Which it’s 2018... we should be able to handle females talking about their bodies by now!) (Some of y’all conservatives call us sensitive little snowflakes & you shiver if periods are mentioned... triggered much?) Anyway! I’ve been taking Nexplanon as my birth control for quite awhile now. Usually I don’t get my period for a lengthy stretch of months in between each & it’s mostly just light spotting. (Some education for y’all too!) WELL, WELL, WELL! Antibiotics apparently fuck with Nexplanon to the extent that not only lowering it’s protection effectiveness. But also causing me to feel like I’m back in high school all over again! It’s bad... no joke. My flow is so heavy, it’s lasting so much longer than usual, & my hunger feels majorly insatiable. I kid you not! I ate 2 big veggie wraps & then 2 veggie dogs as well. Lotta carbs & that didn’t do anything for me! (It was very tasty though...) Oh yeah! I am vegan, so please don’t request that I eat meat or dairy. Please don’t be an asshole right now & cause me to PMS all over you. That is an actual biological occurrence, so please be smart enough not to poke that bear. Ok? OK! Moral of the story & my problem: I’m super, duper hungry & I don’t even know what I’m craving right now either! Please give HELPFUL & COURTEOUS advice. Thank you! Also ladies, feel free to share some of your stories. It’ll actually really ease my soul to know I’m not the only crazy, hormonal bitch starving right now. #thestruggleisreal #femaleprobs #educateyourself #nojoke


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  • eat till you are not hungry.

    • I don’t know what I even want though. I keep thinking about options & some legit are making gag just thinking about it. 😥😖😫

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    • or a pizza

    • Why are y’all suggesting items I can’t eat? I legit asked very nicely for veg-friendly options! 🍕 & 🍟 does sound great though... thanks. Mellow Mushroom has awesome vegan options for me.

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  • Eat a snickers

    • Can’t! Dairy bruh...😑

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    • I bet you fold the toilet paper into a nice square before wiping your ass.

    • Nah... just bundle & do my thing. What’s it to ya tough guy?

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