What was the craziest thing you ever had as a meal?

Like: something you ate but thinking back you just can't believe it :o
Like bugs in snake sauce or so :-(
For me it was a Thai soup, in a Thai restaurant in the UK. It tasted like... hum hum... chemical waste :-(


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  • I made chocolate covered sausages once as a punishment for my brother. Sadly they weren’t as gross as I was expecting...


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  • One time I put orange juice in my cereal in third grade. It was nasty and I gagged.
    But I did it again a few days later, just to make sure I hated it lol

    • If there was wilk in there too I can imagine so... orange juice and milk doesn't give an eatable substance unfortunately :-(

  • I’ve eaten :

    Basashi (sliced raw horse)
    Sand worms fried and steamed
    Bee larvae. Fried
    live baby octopus
    Something like bbq muskrat
    Stingray skirt
    Sea cucumber

    By far the most disgusting thing I’ve ever eaten was beef honey comb. Makes my stomach turn just thinking about it.

    • Oh dear, what an assortment!
      I've never seen beef honey comb from close by, no idea if it would taste like crap... but I guess so...

  • Not bugs or anything but I didn't quite grasp the concept of food mixing up badly so I ate pickles and sliced peaches, both with their juicy juices πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Puking was GREAT AFTER THAT.

    • Hahahaha it sounds like a successful test!
      A chef reading this will certainly try out :D

    • Hahaha god no, I've become traumatized by the smell of pickles and peaches πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • I remember once as a small child we ate moose heart. Yes that is the heart of a moose.
    /img. sndimg. com/food/image/upload/w_707, h_398, c_fill, fl_progressive, q_80/v1/img/recipes/17/33/61/picyD5mc3. jpg

    • Oh my goodness... I tried eating animal heart when my grandma used to prepare a chicken or rabbit and as a kid I just wanted to know if "that" was eatable 8)
      It was not that bad but not good either...

    • It was so long ago I don't recall what it tasted like.

  • Grasshoppers with spicy sauce. At the time they tasted good but now that i think about it... Gross

  • Um.. my mom mixed an energy drink, milk, water and to top it off orange juice with out me knowing...

    • Gosh, did you realize it was weird when you tasted it? Or was it actually good? :D

    • It was horrible! And she saw me drinking it knowing she did that concoction! She was driving and I couldn't help but puck then and there in the car. 🀒

    • Poor girl! That's when chemicists say about their experiment: you know what Jack?
      No Jeff?
      This mixture we just made IS GONNA BLOW, RUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!

  • Brined Beaver.

    • I would try that... how did it taste?

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    • That doens't sound like a delicacy than...

    • Haha, no. it definitely was not.

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  • It was a Snack, but chocolate covered ants. Also had blood soup.

  • Lamb testicles.

    • Haha yeah I heard that's a delicacy. They used to serve bull testicles around arena's.
      Oh and one out of five days the balls were much smaller.
      Guess what: that day the bull had won it :-(

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