Easy and healthy school lunch ideas, please?

Please recommend some simple school lunch ideas that I can make in the morning to take to school. They can contain veggies, chicken and egg.
I tried looking up recipes on YouTube but didn't like them much.
Make sure they're quick to make, and don't include quinoa or anything similar to that.
I just don't want to have bread every day, since it's not that healthy..


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  • Bento boxes, chicken salads (roasted pumpkin, sweet potato or beets with avocado and nuts is a good addition to make salad more filling), rice paper rolls, a fried rice with stir fried veg and chicken, deviled eggs, potato salad bulked up with grated veg and boiled eggs

    • Those are good ideas, but will they keep my stomach full for a few hours?

    • As long as you get your components right yeah. Eggs, chicken, starchy foods, beans, chickpeas and lentils will all keep you full, but you don’t want to eat too much of them. Vegetables, salad, fruits should be the bulk.
      Even wholemeal wraps or pita pockets would be easy options if you don’t want too much bread 😊

    • Got it.. Thanks for helping!

  • Get yourself a wide mouth thermos and you can take just about anything such as soup, chili, rice and beans, mac n' cheese, spaghetti and meatballs, leftover casserole etc... You can even heat up some hot dog wieners, put them in the wide mouth thermos with boiling hot water package some buns and packets of condiments separately.

  • *1 tomato, ½ cucumber, ½ avocado, 2 spoons cottage cheese,
    arugula and 200 g cooked chicken fillet. slice and dice the way you want it and season it with what you think it's good.

    *red kidney beans, 60 g Quinoa, Sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese, ½red onion, 2 spoons olive oil and ½ lemon juice, some salt (some chili if you lie kit hot)

    *middle fry Mushrooms and onions (the amount you want) some garlic, cooked pasta, add some chicken fillet (not a must) season it as you like.

    If you need more just ask. I don't know what you like but this is kinda basic


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