Are pubs normally dead the Friday of the Easter weekend?

I went out for a bit last night , started out at a couple restaurants/sports bar which were fairly busy

but then went to local pub and it was virtually empty , I counted 25 in the bar not including staff. they also had hired a live musician for the night so I think they though it was going to be busier

but Easter weekend is kind of weird , some years I recall it being slow but others that same Friday night was very busy so I'm not sure what was going on

pretty much all the stores here are closed good Friday as its a holiday but restaurants and bars still open
I was there again yesterday and talked to bouncer apparently it wasn't dead Friday night as I had though , after 12 it got very busy until close at 2 am but it was slow when I was there from 10-11:30


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  • In UK, so many pubs are dying. Every week, more close for good. Occasionally, some are bought out by locals and are kept open, but I do not think they will last that long.

    It needs things like bistros and wine bars to really pull in the crowds.

    • I haven't heard of any pubs closing here , there has been other bars close. mostly nightclub type places or trendy restaurants. which were really hot one year but then out of style

      but I agree it might need something new to bring in the younger crowds

    • Thank you for MHG!

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  • Yeah, it's the tradition though some pubs decided to open.

    • to not go out on good Friday? or to go out that night

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  • I bet the only person in there is Peter Griffin

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    I don't drink, but Peter Griffin is hilarious drunk 😅


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