Is enriched wheat flour bad for the waistline?

Is there any pizza at the store actually good for you?


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  • makes no difference dude...
    total calories in and total calories out... you could eat 4000 calories of fruits and veggies and you'll get fat...

    you could eat twinkies for 1400 calories per day and lose weight...

    • But Im saying will the pizza effect my waist line if I'm trying to use my body look good?

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    • So why do they say whole grains food, and white flours bad?

    • good question
      it's because white flour lacks fiber... so what happens is that it causes major fluctuations of insulin
      insulin that isn't steady --> creates more hunger for one AND it allows your body to store more fat

      so that's why whole wheat is better for weight management... it controls the blood sugar AND keeps you full longer so you'll eat less in the day

      but at the end calories is still king for gains and losses...
      --> so when losing weight you want to make sure you do this
      1. eat fiber foods, like whole grains and tons of veggies instead of white flour
      2. protein in your meals
      3. count calories...

      do your body weight times 10-15 ... you should be eating between those numbers to lose weight... higher to keep it the same and even higher to gain


  • Try whole wheat Or multi grain. Anything in the store is worse than homemade because of the perservatives. But depends on where you live if it's a health nut town there's probably healthy pizza.

  • Nah there isn't


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