Junky food is bad for you! Proof what happend to me?

Yea we know its bad but how bad its actually? So before 2years i eat only French fries
and that junky stuff, every day after school i only eat that (i was skinny) and i couldnt imagine other food, then i started with gym and after like few months i stopped with eating it but i still did like once weekly. And since i started diet (already almost 4months) i didn't do any cheat meal, NO SWEETS, NO JUNKY in 3months and once i went with friend in McDonald's and after i came home i had very strong pain in stomach. I tought its normal and after like 2 weeks i tried eat junky one more time and got pain again in stomach, im feeling perfect and if you wake me up in any part of night i could do without problem push ups and since i ate that food i felt so dead inside. I SUGGEST EVERYONE to stop eating SWEETS/JUNKY FOOD for at least 1 month and you will feel great, belive u or not, i know everyone will complain now oh ur so smart wow we didn't knew that junky food is bad but actually its very bad, try diet now and ull see in 1month how u gonna feel after you ate ur first cheat meal :P.
It cost you nothing to try 1month diet , that 1 month diet maybe could save years of your life ,
diet cost nothing, u save money from junky food/sweets , and ull look better ! Good luck who ever is going to 1month diet and going to realize junk food is bad, who knows maybe it causes diseases, if i got bad feeling after eating it few times it must be bad sign.


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