Desert which 1, of these is your favorite?

after you choose tell which of these is your favorite from 1, of these columns I gave the top favorites so lets, hear which is your top favorite
  • root beer float root beer slushies berry blast slushies
    Vote A
  • mango blueberry cran Apple cran raspberry smoothies
    Vote B
  • donuts chocolate glazed custard filled jelly donuts mapple bar blueberry glazed old fashion plain
    Vote C
  • pumkin pie pumkin apple pie cherry pie shepards pie blue berry pie
    Vote D
  • big pretzels cheese cinnamon sugar bacon cheese
    Vote E
  • cakes coffee cake cheese cake oat meal cake pound cake German cholate cake pine apple up side down cake Apple upside down cake
    Vote F
  • ice cream cookie doe rocky road Neapolitan peanut butter cup ice cream cinnamon sugar
    Vote G
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after you pick 1 i meant to say puck your top 3 favorites in the comments rank it from 1 to 3
so I mean rank your top 3 in your comments so pick you top 3


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  • A. I had a root beer float last night!

  • I love smoothies


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