What is your strange cravings or addictions?

I have 4 very odd ones:
1.) Silver Coins (quarters especially)
2.) Pocket clip part of pens, preferrably plastic.
3.) Canned dog food
4.) Dog chewing bones

Its definitely a texture thing, quarters are smooth with a nice engraving, rough edges that feel so nice to suck on. Also like the strong metal taste. I do not want to swallow them, just nom on washington's face.

I spit out 4.00 worth of quarters in 7th grade in front of my whole class because the teacher thought it was gum. So embarassing. They even called my dad who was like, "Only 4.00? she's getting better."

Lol I still suck on them every once in a while now. Good washing with a little lemon juice.

Plastic pen cap pocket clip part is soothing to chew. I chew it until it rips off then chew the little piece until its all deformed.

I have eaten canned dog food when I was younger and vomitted pretty violently. It had a weird taste, beefy, but off, but its not the taste, its the mushy texture.

Potted meat and vienna sausages are very close so I eat those instead, but still think of eating the canned dog food.

I chew rib bones or chicken bones to ease the desire to chew dog bones lol those look delicious to me. One bag I saw in petsmart was a rawhide wrapped in bacon.

Mmmmm lol why are there no chew bones wrapped in bacon for humans lol?

So these are my weird cravings / addictions, what are some of yours?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I have eaten dog food in my sleep before, with milk. I threw it up once (which is how I know), but I don't know if it happened again. I don't think it has.


What Girls Said 1

  • Have you talked to your doctor about these?

    I loooove bok Choy and spinach but I think it’s because of my iron deficiency XD

    • Ha ha yeah they thought it was pica or some deficiency but it turned out to be just weird oral stimulation, and me thinking dog food was edible lol

    • Whew! Well better interesting habits then deficencies!

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