Is it bad to eat pickles constantly?

So I consume about
12 salty pickles a week.

Is that bad?
I have been a little dizzy and it’s been somewhat hard to focus..
Slight headaches and I don’t drink much water to be honest

Is all of this connected?
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  • your body is probably dehydrated as fuck. you'll probably get super high blood pressure from all the sodium and die


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  • I am not a trainer but the human body does have limits to what I can and can't handle an a dult can eat 1 piece of candy and they will be happy for the res of the with that sweet treat. but if an adult eats nothing but candy day in and day out he will get diabetes. Now having to much salt in your diet is very unhealthy for you cause too much salt leads to high cholesterol and weight gain. My suggestion is to cut down on the amount of pickles you eat. There are many different foods out there I suggest you try something new. As of recent I tried something new and it was roasted cricket's and they were pretty good.


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  • Not if you don’t mind salt gains they make you look swoll

  • 12 per week should be fine, if you're not getting too much salt elsewhere. You should drink plenty water though


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