Would you tell him you bought the lasagna, even if It’s been already a couple weeks from when I gave it to him?

it was our 3 month anniversary and before that I promised that I’ll make his lasagna, the night before I remembered I didn’t have any ingredients and didn’t feel good, so went and got a freezed lasagna
He told me it was really good blah blah blah
I feel bad that I lied about it tho, telling him that I cooked it when I just put it in the oven
I also hate cooking, but when I promised I felt motivated to do it, not so after
I know I should be prepared from more time in advance but we also had a big fight a couple days ago so I wasn’t thinking about it


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  • Haha it's not a big deal, at least it shouldn't be. Just tell him if it bothers you that much. If he's normal he won't care anyway.


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