Would you eat a familiar food if it was an unusual color?

If someone gave you a food you liked that had been dyed (without changing the flavor) to be a very different color than normal (like if a pizza had somehow been dyed neon green), would you still happily eat it?

The pic is of scrambled eggs by the way, not meth.Would you eat a familiar food if it was an unusual color?
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  • If I knew that there was nothing wrong with the food, I’d try it. I don’t see a point of dying food though, besides baking.


Most Helpful Guy

  • No, it’s dangerous. The FDA only approves food coloring for use in tiny amounts. There’s been cases of people who died from too much food coloring. The case I read about was where nursing home workers thought it would be a good idea to color all the food blue so they could tell when someone was coughing up/choking easier. Several people died right away.


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  • Yeah, sure. I love myself some waffles (not a pancake guy) and one's one of my friends gave me some that were died blue. I'm not sure what he was trying to express with that, but I do know what he alluded to.


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