Why drinks with higher alcohol volume have a bitter taste?

Unlike beer which is pretty refreshing, and you can drink it instantly... other drinks like vodka, are like medicine. They taste awful, but they are effective.

I would love it if beer had a much higher alcohol volume, because I like it's taste, but I have to drink like 4-5 cans in order to get a good high.


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  • 1) That's because alcohol tastes bitter.

    2) I can drink a glass (normal glass, not small one) of vodka straight no problem. It doesn't taste bitter per se but does leave a bitter taste.

    3) You drink canned beer? You, sir, are a barbarian.

    4) 4-5 cans is what, one and a half litres at most? That's not a lot.

    5) There actually are beers out there with high ABV (while normal beer has about 5% some like Barleywines or Bock reach 15% and beyond).


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