What do you think about how McDonald's changed over the years?

I recently looked at McDonald's and thought that it doesn't look like it used to. The clown just disappeared from everywhere and he isn't present in advertising. The interior used to have red plastic chairs and other yellow "furniture", now if you take away the menu and the golden arches M sign you wouldn't even know you were in a McDonald's. I don't like this changes personally but what do you think about it?


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  • McDonald's target audience is more teens-young adults etc. They have to focus on being more hip compared to older generations. It's how business survive. The clown honestly freaked me out anyway 😂

    • I mean right now they are more like Starbucks and supposed to be proffesional

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    • In my country McDonald's is overpriced just as much as Starbucks ;/

    • McDonald's is fine here where I live.

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  • I think that from a business stand point, McDonald's has made a very sound decision. They're changing their theme to suit a more contemporary trend. You can see this reflected in their menu items as well; meals that can be found more at restaurants than at fast food outlets. With the world continuously changing in trends it was inevitable that McDonald's design was going to change. Change is a part of life. And although we may lose the nostalgic environment that we grew up in, the generations that follow after us while come to see these times as their own.

    So to answer your question; i appreciate the changes McDonald's has made as it shows that they're not only adaptable, but reliable in the sense that they will always strive to provide good customer service. Even if it is only to sell more products. Because at the end of the day, when it's 3am and I'm coming out of a nightclub with half of my braincells destroyed from martinis, i can still satisfy my drunken hunger with a cheap burger.

    • You have a point but the question now is how long will they be able to stay like that. Because changing to better milk meat coffee costs, and McDonald's at least in Murcia is considered a cheap fast food, the prices are rising too

    • You're absolutely right about that; they are becoming more expensive with some of their. But some menu items don't really change. In fact, some items have gotten cheaper. In Australian stores, a cheeseburger only costs 1 dollar.

    • *products

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  • I hate it! And sad about it!☹ It was fun going and getting a REAL TOY!! Not something that gets broken in seconds! Or reading a book with no fun activities inside whats up with that? I know they are trying to educate kids now... but come on... it's Ronald McDonald!! And freaken friends!! Let kids be kids... eat the junk and love the real toy and activity books! Agh!! Depressing... that was years ago, time has definitely past by so fast!!


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  • Too expensive now, and making McDonald's all serious now doesn't help. Its like there trying to be all uppity like Starbucks now or something.

    • I agree, although they changed some things they are still using beef that sells 1kg/1dollar

  • I have the impression many became dirty.


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