Do you eat the end slices of your loaf, or do you feed them to the birds, or even throw them out?

I like to toast them, and I hate waste.
  • I eat the end slice as is.
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  • I eat the end slice toasted.
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  • I feed the end slice to the birds
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  • I throw the end slice away.
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  • Other?
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Most Helpful Guys

  • 1- I think bread is actually bad for birds. 2-No I just woof it down end or not (I like the ends more) but I have almost eliminated bread and started using tortillas as a substitute more.

    • They certainly suggest not feeding bread to ducks. I'm not sure what harm it does, or whether it's any worse than eating it yourself.

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    • thanks for the mho

    • You're welcome.

  • I only eat the end slice when I'm very hungry and I'll have it as is


Most Helpful Girls

  • I have a weird way of eating sliced bread. I peel the crust off from all four sides and eat those first. The white middle part i scrunch up into a ball and eat it 💁🏽‍♀️

    • Not at all weird, I used to do that. Tell you what else I did, I usud to peel the flesh of a raw potato, and make a sandwich of it. I still eat raw potatoes to this day.

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    • Anyway, enjoy your bread ball.

    • lol thanks will do

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  • I feed it to the birds unless it's homemade bread. Then I toast it.

  • You probably don’t I mean I could be too hard for your teeth 😂

  • I use them as coating to my koftas

    • Sorry not have included that option. I guess a lot get used as coating.

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