Are people who drink regular milk related to Satan or in a cult (Regular as in not chocolate, strawberry, sweetened, or cereal milk)?

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It's a joke, not meant to be taken seriously. That's why there's no 'no' option.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Some people are always so serious eh?

    • Yea I thought I made it obvious it was a stupid question

    • You have to do like I did once. Label it right at the top. "Stupid question of the day". The comments rolled in like crazy. LOL hahahahaaha

    • Sorry this is so late but perfect advice

Most Helpful Guy

  • Lol... what🤣

    • I don't drink plain milk and my friend calls me the spawn of satan because I don't and I call him the spawn of satan because he drinks like a whole gallon of plain milk in like 2 minutes which I think is disgusting xD

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    • Regular milk is horrible chocolate milk is great.

    • Chocolate milk just lacks the bleach that white milk has

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