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Brie - please rate the cheese from 1 - 10

Classic French ONLY please! No regional bries...

Rate This Cheese?
A friend once told me that this is what cum tasted like - needless to say I was put off brie for many years... true story.


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  • My brother and his wife brought some to our New Year's Eve get together one year. They melted it on toast. I don't know if it was classic French or a regional (I mostly just stick with Velveeta, Swiss, and the American cheese slices you find individually wrapped so I don't know cheese), but I wasn't too impressed.

    I don't want to put you back off of the stuff, but to me it honestly did taste like semen mixed with walnuts.

    • Well, now I just see it the other way round... I like brie so the bonus is semen tastes slightly like brie... Maybe I should get the crackers out next time I give my boyfriend a blowjob...

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    • Well, if your boyfriend is the type that wants you to swallow but you've been resisting this could be your motivation. Just think of his fun part as a brie dispenser :p

    • The benefit to swallowing is there is little to taste and no mess to clean up... I'm a lazy gal, I started long ago!

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