Was I wrong to go off and tell this servers manager about a mishap with my food, or the karma should have taken care of it?

Was sitting in my freshly clean car and one of the waitresses comes out on skates with already a standoffish attitude towards me it seemed, I guess she didn't wanna be there. Snatches the money from me brings food out basically kinda rough handles the tray. She had a both hands on the tray trying so situate on the window, then outta nowhere the girl sneezed, and I guess it was so powerful she lost her balance along with it flinging the tray with a red slushy all over my dress clothes and inside my car, trys to regain her balance then nearly breaks my mirror off, then falls on her ass. Neighbooring cars were laughing and I was furious.


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  • you were wrong , stop harassing women " men feminist here"
    she brought u food, be happy

    • Didn't harass bad customer service.

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    • there's no such thing as" real men"

    • Please

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