I may move to California, for job. Will you answer some living costs there?

I am an electronics and communication engineering student. I may move to California for job. Answering some quick questions.

1) What is Monthly living cost?
2) How much the food will cost?
3) internet/WiFi charges?
4) Additional expenses? , if any.
5) I am only single person, so I am gonna need a 1 Room and Kitchen type house, or any other types... please specify
6) Is Electricity bill or any other amenities bills are too much?
7) What will be the average pay for an engineer?

Please answer this question, it will be great help.


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  • People are leaving that shithole state in record numbers. Seriously look up the mass exodus. You are an idiot if you deliberately choose to move there.

  • I'm in Los Angeles. What part of California are you looking at?

    • San Francisco or LA

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    • Can you relate average numbers? it would be easy for me to judge... I am from different country that's why I would like numbers

    • Tony, the best way to get a feel for what you are asking is in this forum:
      It's safe and free to sign up. There are a lot of good folks on there that can give you specifics better than me.

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