What to eat? Diet and nutrition help?

So I recently got diagnosed with a medical condition. I now can't eat dairy, fat, grease, oil, chocolate, icecream, cheese, etc.

It's day 2 after being diagnosed and I hate life. I have had 2 dressingless salads, honeydew melon, and cold vegetables mix.

I can't even order vegan food because they use oils.

What can I eat that actually tastes good? How do I get the nutrition I require? Particularly protein?


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  • Dude, that fucking sucks. That’s some of the best food ever right there. Also, it sounds like for the last few days you have been eating really shitty food. Rice, skinless chicken breast and veggies is a damn good meal with no fat or oil depending on how you cook it.

    • I can't eat chicken. Even lean chicken has oils and grease it it. There are specialty beefs that are super lean but I think those have fat. I don't know about rice, I am unsure if starches are ok.

      The most exciting things I have consumed so far are banana and mushroom. Do mushrooms contain oils? I hope not.

    • Starch is a polysaccharide, so basically just a complected sugar. So is chitin which is what mushrooms are made of. Brown rice has some oil in the bran, but white rice doesn't. Russet potatoes are also basically all starch but taste pretty shitty without some fat added. So those should be just fine for you. Chicken breast (white meat) is almost 100% protien. Just don't eat the skin, legs, or wings and you should be okay. but you should look into talking to a nutritionist or finding online sources. Chances are that there is already a whole online community of people with the same condition as you.

    • Thanks SmoMan71 that was very helpful.

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  • Look up “whole foods plant based diet” and “raw vegan diet.“ they should give you some recipe ideas.

    • Can you eat things like avocados, and just not processed fats or is it all fats?

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    • Maybe fish, I know some fish have oils but maybe not all?

    • I think they’re pretty oily.
      Try lasagna. Replace the ground meat with chopped mushrooms cooked in sauce or rice or lentils mixed in sauce. Replace the cheese with mashed up tofu block mixed with garlic, salt, and oregano. the noodles should be fine. The sauce is probably cooked with olive oil, so mix a small can of tomato paste with2 cans of stewed tomatoes and some garlic and salt and cook it on the stove for 10 ish minutes. Put slices of fresh tomato on top before you bake it to keep it from drying out.

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  • You don't need dressing on your salad, add an avocado and some lime juice. Here's my go to salad:

    Bell pepper
    Radishes or Green onions
    Lime (optional)
    Add some olives if you're craving sodium

    No salt, no pepper, no oils.. that shit is bomb. Make a big-ass bowl (important!) and dig in. Get the best quality ingredients you can.

    Check out John Rose on YouTube.

    • Additional info, if you want to break your dependency on processed/cooked foods.. do an extended water fast.. you will be amazed! I guarantee it!

    • Citrus is a good idea. I will probably get kankurs but it would add flavor.

      I can't eat avocado. I've been eating much of what you posted.

      I just don't handle loosing meat well.

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