Vegan or Not? Have you watched the movie: What the Health (2017)?

1. Reason why you go vegan.
2. Do you like it.
3. Do you get enough protein.
4. Anything else you would like to say.
  • Fully Vegan
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  • Vegetarian
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  • Thanks but I'd stick with the meat
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  • No, I prefer to eat everything possible on this planet
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  • Definitely not vegan with negative desire to ever become one

    • Have you watched the movie "What the health 2017" ? take a look and we can talk later.

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    • The cure for allergies is been found since a long time ago, people who are vegans have more energy, less possibility for getting diseases and live longer.
      The strongest animals on this planet like Elephants,
      Rhinoceros are taking his food by the plants.

    • There is no cure for allergies

  • I'm not a vegan. It's a big maybe whether I'd ever become one or not.

    • Considering how many answers I get on this topic, I can assume how many people live healthy.

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    • The statistics shows up that within the United States every third person got type 2 diabetes at early ages and everything comes from the meat, egs milk and all the animal stuff.

    • I just agreed people aren't living healthy don't be redundant.

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