Do you like water?

Do you like water?
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  • I did a 4 day fast earlier this year and drank only distilled water. I chose distilled water as I learned it is what is used in kidney dialysis to clean the blood.

    Distilled water is "hungry". It is pure H2O. No minerals or anything. And pure H2O is very hungry. As soon as you open a jug of distilled water it starts pulling dust, pollution, anything it can out of the air.

    After I ended my fast I could not believe how good I felt. It was beyond amazing. That distilled water detoxified my body and cleared my brain fog.

    It is the only water I let my dog drink now and it cleared a non cancerous tumor from the top of his head. I wondered if the distilled water actually did that and went back to giving him tap water. The tumor returned. So he went back to only drinking distilled water and it went away. When I say it went away there is still a very small bump on his head. It is nothing the size it was.

    I more than like water. I LOVE distilled water! :)

  • Water is life, man... It helps me through the day! Because I'm a singer / guitarist so every gig of mine I have to carry a personal water bottle around. Sometimes free glasses of those from the bar. For musicians ofc.


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  • it's all i drink.
    besides tea.
    which i guess is boiled water...


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