Have you tried the Red Copper Pan or other Red Copper cooking stuff from TV?

Is it worth the money? Does it work "non-stick" like the TV says?

  • Yeah, I can caramelize some sugar and drizzle all over my man's nuts
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  • Oh yeah, my shit don't stick to the pan if your making eggs or pies.
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  • I can use it to cook for robots, bee boop bee boop
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  • Product is great, I love Dank Chicken Nuggets
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  • I tried picking up a sandwich like that, but burned my hands
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  • You know what would look good with this rock? Some tomato.
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  • It doesn't work at all! Somebody call 9-1-1
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  • I suppose for 20 bucks it's not bad you can use it for a year or two then throw it away. The non-stick coating does wear off but compared to $100 bucks for the best non-stick frying pan it's not a bad deal. The important thing with all non-stick pans is to not heat them with some oil in them.

  • Nope


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