Why is the bar fun?

I try to get into the bar scene, but everytime I go into the bar, I feel so out of place, it feels wrong to be there, I don't know what to do. The whole situation seems weird to me. I enjoy going out, but the bar doesn't do it for me. Am I weird for being this way?


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  • lol... you're just starting out kid... eventually you'll find why you go there OR why you don't...
    its really about drinks and talking... those are the two things you do at the bar

    • Yea i do that, just boring to me. I mean I was snowboarding down a mountain and meeting more people that way

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    • oh from Ontario... I see lol
      ya country bars are very much like locals that why its kinda strange vibe... if you hit up a downtown Toronto bar.. its like different people almost always... so they don't look at you funny or anything...

      Toronto is a huge city and has some great places for sure

    • Hell yea! I mean I'm straight up city boy, walking into a country bar, not knowing a single song, yea I think it's becoming more apparent why it ain't appealing.

      Ah whatever, gotta ditch country bars I guess or be hella drunk instead of being the dd. Thanks for responding!

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  • What makes bars fun for me are the people I go there with and possibly the people that are there.

    I don't think it's weird to not like bars, though. They're not for everyone.


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  • It’s only fun if you go with friends or know the bartenders

  • Just knock a few back before you get there.


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