Who now Feels like Cherry Pie?

I bought one for my male Roomie yesterday. I enjoy a slice once in a Blue moon. How about you? Anyone Berry feeling? xx
He said "YUM!!"xx


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  • That sounds yummy! I can't have one cause I am on at the atkins diet right now but I might treat myself to some strawberry creme cheese from philedelphia which tastes a lot like strawberry cheese cake but has less carbs!

    • It was delicious, Jenn. I don't Eat many Sweets, and if I do, Mostly FF ones. I love to cheat once in awhile. That Dessert sounds so fattening but would love to try it. xx

    • you are supposed to eat fat on atkins because it puts you in ketosis faster.

    • lol I never tried it. But I try to stay fit. xx

  • I don't like baken fruits but I would take a cheese cake of a chocolate one

    • Sounds great, anmaria. Eating light today, I have a trip to NYC with a lot more in store. lolxx

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    • lol No, No Book like this. No title neither. Very unique. I have had great ratings.
      Do not confuse this with "Charlotte's Web."xx

    • Oh, I just posted another question, anmaria. xx

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  • Cherry pies are great. My favorite store bought cherry pie is from Costco, whenever they make them.


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