I just got a crock pot. Share me your easy crock pot recipes?


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  • I just made vegetarian chili in my crock pot recently.
    Here is what I used:
    Black bean soup (one can)
    Half of a container tomato purée with tomatoes (or without, I did without) (I made a big mistake and used the whole can, so mine was too soupy!!! Bahahaha)
    Kidney beans
    Dried basil
    Dried oregano
    Dried parsley
    Garlic (two cloves)
    One onion
    Vegetarian baked beans
    I also used baby bell peppers but you can decide if you want to use those or not.
    I literally flung all my ingredients in the crock pot and let it cook two hours. Easy!!!
    you can also add meat to this and let that cook with your other stuff if you want to have meat.


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