How long can oil be used and reused in a deep fryer?

for frying things like chips, meat, chicken and so on


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  • Are you talking about professionally or at home? It really has more to do with how clean/dirty the oil is.

    • I've been wondering how long i can keep using the same oil for since i have a deep fryer at home

    • Theoretically indefinitely. It depends on how you store it though. If you leave it in the fryer it's going to be less, to add more life you can strain it and store in an air tight container and store in the cupboard.

  • First of all it depends on what oil you're using. I prefer peanut oil as it has a high smoke point and the food flavours don't transfer from food to food. It also depends on what temperature you are frying at if to low your food will absorb the oil and end up greasy and soggy. If you allow your oils to get too hot you'll burn the out side before the inside is cooked and at a high temperature the oil starts to breakdown. Usually between 325 F and 375 F is perfect depending on what you're frying. You can extend the life of the oil by filtering it after every use. The oil is usually good for about two months. Once it gets real dark it's usually time to change it.


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