Am I developing an ED?

I’ve had an eating disorder before... it didn’t last long. I immediately broke the habit after two weeks. I was and still am 5’5, but then I was 160 lbs and now I’m 168 lbs.

The first time I had anorexia I lost 20 lbs in the two weeks. I do look thinner than my weight, weight 168lbs and I only look about 130-140. I don't know why, maybe because I have a curvy figure with 32DD and round butt,, but I don't know.

I don't know why it’s coming back, the first time was only 8 months ago. I just randomly stopped eating. It’s only been going on for three days, I’ve lost 3 lbs in three days. I’ve been counting calories, first day was 721, second 642, third 604. Every night since I have a headache. When i get up out of bed, my head starts pounding and I get a little dizzy. I just stopped eating again i guess... but is my anorexia coming back?

I don’t fucking want it to, but I’m losing weight and that’s good. I just don’t want that to happen again. Am i developing an eating disorder... again?


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  • What are you doing averaging less than 700 calories a day? That's worse than Japanese famine conditions during WW2. I think you're trying too hard to lose weight by reducing energy input rather than raising energy output. That can lead to plateaus where you have to keep dropping and dropping your energy input to keep losing weight while your metabolic rate plummets, and at that point you are likely to get sick as well as lose interest in food while feeling satiated without hardly eating anything.

    Also think you're too obsessed with the scale. Some weight from muscle gain should be celebrated, for example. Try watching some videos from Natacha Océane. She has decent advice on this subject unlike a lot of unfortunately gimmicky advice often oriented towards women on weight loss:


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  • I think yes you are getting ED back.

    Why do you want to loose weight?

  • Get evaluated. Only a professional can say whether you do or not


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