Is this a good wine? I have to go for a guy friends house party... please answer?

Its a Evans & Tate Classic Cabernet Merlot (2015), is it good enough to take it for a house party as a gift? Is it good or like is it cheap wine?


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  • Everyone is drinking prosecco these days, its like cheap champagne so you could do that but you will look like a fashion victim.

    Good wine in the uk is about £15 a bottle and it makes a hell of a difference, but you have to deside if these people are really worth it or if you would rather just give them meh and then fill yourself full of good red wine, cheese and crackers on your own time.

    • Okay thanks but I am confused are you saying is this a good brand and wine or not? Also it has a screw cap and not a cork, which means its more of a cheap wine right?

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    • Yeah so... I was teaching you how to fish lady, you can go do the research yourself now as i told you how to do it.
      I am actually not prepared to go and do your work for you.
      I think its extremely unlikely that any of you will know the first thing about wine and so any judgements made will be made on the basis of price if anyone even cares to notice or give it any thought at all, which they most likely won't.
      Its pretty rare that anyone cares about anything we think about.
      They all have thier own angst to worry about, they dont care about yours.
      If you want to get the attention of your crush, you will do far better to use your breasts or get this crazy idea, your mind than with wine.

    • Ya I don’t want to get his attention with wine, I was just generally saying that my crush is going to be there. Also, thanks!

  • Sounds like a good wine to me.

    • Just by the name?

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    • Okay, thanks for the help!

    • Do you think this wine is good enough to give as a birthday gift to a guy at his house party?

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