Cheap cheap cheap food?

Recomend the cheapest food item (s) you can think of. I want to make a list.

I tried to do this once before a few years ago. Give me some help.

So far I have tea, rice, potatoes, Mr. noodles, noodles, bean sprouts, maybe carrot, maybe chickpeas.

I am thinking like 3 meals at less than 7 dollars. For example mr noodle is 0.25 cents for the no name brand.


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  • I know a guy who sometimes eats for $4.00 a week
    He buys 2 packages of raw noodles from wal mart
    He buys 2 cans of tomatos from wal mart
    And then he makes spaghetti - This diet costs him $4.00 a week!

    Also Oatmeal is good for keeping you full for a long time and if you are on the go - bring some oatmeal cookies with you! - 4 cookies should keep you full for 3 hours and you can buy about 20 for $2.00 at wal-mart - make sure you get the right brand though! some of these cookies contain very little real oatmeal and will make you hungry in an hour or less.

    Soybeans are also a very good thing to eat - they have almost all the amino acids you need to create muscle and you can buy half a pound for $1 - $2 dollars - at even the more expensive super markets.

    Another cheap food is egg plant - and one eggplant contains 16 grams of fibre! I ate 1/4 of an eggplant every day for 1 month and lost 2 inches around my waist. Also they usually sell for about $1.60 or $1.40 at grocery stores

    Eggs are also a cheap food but not as cheap as oatmeal or noodles

    Peanut Butter and Crackers are also cheap and so are Moozerella or Chedder cheese slices from kraft. When I was in the after school program at the age of 10, our teacher would cut up one slice of chedder cheese into 4 pieces and then sandwhich the 4 cheese squares in the crackers to make a nice and tasty snack.

    You could also sandwhich crackers in peanut butter if you want.

    I am just warning you that peanut butter will speed up your metabolism so its not a good food to eat if you are trying to eat as little as possible.

    • Thanks any advice on how to prepair eggplant and soya beans? I've never had either. Can I just eat the soya beans raw?

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    • O no, I hope everything healed ok.

    • It wasn't extremely painful just a little bit - I'm just warning you that microwaving edamame might not be a smart idea but if you don't want to buy a stove then microwave it is.

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  • Ramen noodles at daollar tree. $1 for 5 thats $.20 a pack


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