Which Place has the Best Fried Chicken?

Perhaps, fried chicken is one of the most beloved foods in American. It is one of the ultimate comfort foods, delicious, and may have loyalties stronger than some football teams. But some places do it better than others. So which place does it best? (Note, this is for the fried chicken offerings). Don't be offended if your favorite place for chicken is not on the list, it only gave me 7 options.
  • Chick fli a
    Vote A
  • Raising Cane's
    Vote B
  • Zaxby's
    Vote C
  • KFC
    Vote D
  • Popeye's
    Vote E
  • PDQ
    Vote F
  • Bojangle's
    Vote G
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  • Bojangles.

    Chick-fil-A isn't fried chicken, nor does Caine's sell it.

    What is PDQ?


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