Favorite cheat day food?

What is your favorite meal for a cheat day?

I just had my day yesterday and It was an amazing day 😄
Breakfast: Omlette with all kinds of stuff inside
Snacks: Skittles (I love Wildberry ones)
Lunch: a Burger with a Angus Beef Steak as Patty and fries with bbq Sauce
dinner: Big ass Pizza with extra Hot toppings 👌
As for drinks I went with Soda and Starbucks coffee all day 😅


Most Helpful Girl

  • My favorite cheat day is all of them because I'm not on a diet. I guess have to think my good genes that keep me skinny 😂😂

    • Lucky you 😄 any favorite meals then?

    • All that I shouldn't eat lol. Carbs for sure, pasta, bread, rice. Any of those on anything are good enough for me. My favorite dish is sushi and second favorite is pasta and then pizza. Loaded fries, calzones, sandwiches, all good. Desert wise I like cake, cheese cake, custard, ice cream and brownies.

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  • Every day is cheat day for me and I still manage to lose weight if I want to. y'all are bad at being healthy/losing weight


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  • It varies, depends on the mood I am in, but its mostly high-carb and fatty food, like pizza, burger, etc.


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