Do I make pasta, stir fry, or ramen?

K, so me and the dude-guy have been eating pretty health of late, and my plan tonight was just to make a simple stir fry with vegetables and beef. I've just finished my lunch, and am quickly realizing I'm pretty damn hungry. Just as I think this, my guy texts me saying he wants pasta.

I bought some of those stuffed pasta things... tortellini I believe? And am pretty good at making this chipotle cheese sauce with just a few ingredients. However, I also have stuff at home to make homemade ramen. We're both at an impass of whether we should just eat the healthier stir fry, or eat pasta or ramen.

What do I doooooo?


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  • Pasta. You could never go wrong with pasta. Plus, it's delicious. Add in some good cheese, meat and veggies though.

    • Yeah, I'm thinking of doing chipotle bacon penne with green onions.

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    • This isn't a kid's menu for IHOP!

      Try it with chicken, sausage, fish, etc. Depends on what type. But for the love of humanity, not bacon.

    • Cry about it kiddo.

  • I'm going with ramen, simply because it has an exotic quality to me that would make it the more interesting choice...


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