When does your family or a few in your family, stop being your family?

Often we have people in our family who don't seem to be the kind of family we love and had come to know. Has this happened to you? What did you do?


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  • It takes a lot, generally I'll keep some distance and than try to come back to them.
    Of course, if they start totally being rude and just continue to be like that, or if they abuse your confidence on a daily basis, there is some point when doors close :-(
    But if for example a family member would do wrong things while I know the person was really in trouble, I'd try to remain diplomatic and help sort it out :D

    • Hi, Hans, And you are still the Most amazing person on here still. x

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    • Thanks for the MH and I'll continue to do my best to be myself :D :D

    • Happy to give what you deserve, Hans.

  • When a family member stop being a family member then we have to either except their change and try to help or stay distant and cut them off completely until they come to their senses and realize the mistake they made. Life is to short to allow people to use you and take advantage of you.

    • @DoctorWize that is good your nice like that. Sometimes you keep doing and doing a thank you is never enough for all the hard work you put in helping family. I agree they have to miss you and not take your kindness for granted or even use it and abuse it.

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    • @DoctorWize lol I hope your first patient asked good questions.

    • @DoctorWize that is nice and cool.

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  • I need to Stop being the Good "Guy" and Start Being a Little More Mean in Between. My goodness is Always Taken for Granted, My Kindness Mistaken for Weakness, Which I possess on Top of Being the intelligent person I think I am. Sometimes we Ned to Teach Tough Love to a loved one, hun. xx

    • @Paris13 I would tend to agree with you. There are moments in life when we have to force ourselves to show tough love. As much as it hurts. Thanks for replying.

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    • Thank you, @DoctorWize, For giving me your Own MHO. xx

    • @Paris13 This was no big deal. lol

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  • Well if families are not able to share with each other; judgement starts to chip away at peoples view towards each other causing seperation.. But someone is always to blame; rather then working together to solve the problem family will always be family.


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