Opinion about my meals for today?

Breakfast (7 a. m.): 2 toasts with grated tomato, olive oil and serrano ham; no lactose milk and protein powder, 2 peachs, an apple, a banana, a bunch of walnuts.

Brunch (11 a. m.): 2 apples.

Lunch (1 p. m.): 1 lb of curry and parsley flavoured salmon, 1/2 lb of rice and 2 lb of vegetables.

Night tea (4 p. m.) 500 ml of orange juice.

Dinner (7 p. m.) 2 tomatoes and a cucumber salad with salt and olive oil and a yoghurt.

(All measures are approximate, I don't measure what I eat)


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  • I would make two changes

    1. Take out the useless protein powder and eat 2-3 eggs instead...
    2. eat a real meal for supper dude... not a salad lol

    • Thank you. This is just for today. I don't eat protein powder every day and other days I eat those 2 eggs. I eat salad because I like a light dinner before go to sleep

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    • By now I prefer maintain my weight. I don't want build muscles or gain weight an my height is 188 cm. I don't want lose more weight hehe

    • I have both but I mainly use the road bike

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