What does fiber actually do?

I took some of that hemp fiber and it gave me diarrhea when I was under the impression it would make my poop hard. Is it for people that have super hard shits and need something to loosen it up? I eat plants, so am I exempt from taking fiber?

I'm just confused, my goal is big hard shits so I can stand up and saw them in half with my pee.


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  • If you want hard shits, eat rice! You'll poop bricks!

    • don't worry what fibers do, just eat them. there is also google... :-s that's one way saying i don't know what they technically do, outside making u shit bricks.

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    • yea shit happens! LOLZ!

    • Well if you are concerned about it not being neither to hard or to soft, meaning being soft, there is nutrition input is lacking something, if its to hard, you are overdoing it, to take a healthy shit you need to balance your food the right way. Yea i know how it sounds... but we measure the state of our health by looking at the stool, so we have bad shit state, mediocre shit state, healthy shit state...

  • Fiber is good for the digestive system. It helps the body absorbe the important nutrients of foods and it also helps evacuate what isn't useful.


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