Do you like Advocaat?

So obviously I'm not going to act like an expert on this stuff, the only reson I ask is because today I bought and tried a Dutch product called Pawełek and it is apparently Advocaat flavoured and I personally LOVED the flavour, so much so that I looked into what this stuff was.

Advocaat is apparently a traditional Dutch alcoholic beverage that consists of eggs, sugar and Brandy. While these are the main ingredients, it is not the same as eggnog as it only uses the egg yolk and therefore is richer. It also apparently has a custard like consistency and is a liqueur.

The alcohol in itself can also include cream or evaporated milk and its typical alcohol content is generally somewhere between 14% and 20%.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • I imagine it tastes like eggnog.
    But with only 20% ABV and no cream or milk, that stuff must have a ton of egg yolks in it.

    I reckon it tastes fine, but it is one of those things you probably should not buy from homebrewers, unless you want some salmonella and lethal levels of blood cholesterol.

    • Hehehehe Yeah, get it from a reliable source.

      These are apparently the most popular brands ^_^
      Darna Ovo Liker

Most Helpful Girl

  • If you mush them up you get guac

    • Hapinus no, that isn't what this is :D

      Your jokes are too good, I can't tell if you be serious or not XD

      Advocaat= Alcoholic drink

      Avocado= Guacamole

    • Potato potato
      It’s all the same thing
      Avocat = a lawyer in french
      by the way I never had your alcoholic beverages so I’m semi joking

    • Hehehehe OMG, sooo many references!! :D

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