(Only for those outside of the UK) Sweetest alcohol you've ever had?

Reason I say out of the UK is because I want to know about alcohols that are not in my country and also since I like sweet alcohol, could you describe its sweetness as a comparison to something I may know such as syrup? :)


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  • Raspberry mohito. It was incredibly sweet, just like syrup. I often drink Baileys Irish cream and Sheridan's coffee liqueur., which taste likejust cream with some chocolate in them, but I guess you've tried them. Also all aftershocks I've tried are sweet. Honestly I've had lots of others sweet drinks, but I can't remember which one was the sweetest. Those are just the most famous ones I can think of.

    • Actually I haven't even heard of "Sheridan's Coffee Liqueur" but I have and do own Baileys Irish Cream, I haven't had a Raspberry Mojito in fact I have never had a mojito at all :p

      I don't even know what you mean by aftershocks hehe ^_^'

      But I do find liqueurs to be the perfect sweetness most of the time and I find that the only coffee liqueur that I had (Tia Maria) I enjoyed drinking straight and its sweetness is really good <3

      I obviously haven't heard of some of these because I don't own a passport so I have never had the chance to go to places with this alcohol ;p

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    • Well, I have a friend in Australia and I want to see them and they keep asking me to come over there. I also want to visit Japan because of culture and food <3

      I guess visiting France would be cool but it isn't a big choice of mine :p

    • But be careful in Australia, cause in a poll of another gager people are most likely to destroy it if there's a meteorite.
      Jk, it sounds like a pretty awesome place.
      And Japan is a pretty cool place too, I also wanna see it, but for longer than a week.
      I've been to France, in a small town called Lille, it's pretty sweet and calm there. Paris also isn't a place to miss, but certainly less interesting than I imagined.

  • Pineapple rum. doesn't taste like alcohol in the slightest, just pineapple juice.


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  • I'm in the UK but there used to be a Cadburys Creme Liquer that was pretty damn sweet. They don't make it anymore.


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  • Sherry or Brandy. A non-dry mead or white wine is also a good option. Some beers get a second malt that doesn't ferment so would be rather sweet too.

    If you drink mixed drinks a moscow mule or an equivalent like a rio buck or kentucky mule, are pretty sweet and the ginger/lime hides the alcohol flavour a bit if you dont like the kick.

  • Fruity sour vodka shots in a glass of clear soda. Exotic drink couldn't be easier.

  • Champagne

    • really? I had that before, only description in my opinion "Piss water" :D Not everyone's taste I guess, but I personally didn't like it ^_^'

    • Oh I don’t like the taste of alcohol lol. It’s kinda bitter. I find champagne is more like a bubbly water which is a bit on the sweet side
      I’m still underage and haven’t experimented that much with drinks

    • Hehehe ^__^ *Giggling because I had my first pint when I was 13yrs old*

      Yeah, I think it's okay to have alcohol at a young age, it's just you can't have it on a regular basis till you are adult/ 18+ ;)

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