Choose 1 of these thats, healthy over all the rest?

Now tell which 1 you know. Is in healthy but you just got to have it when you want it ju
  • Pizza
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  • Hamburger cheese, burger bacon cheese burger
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  • Mac an cheese pasta,
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  • chicken nuggets, chicken strips , chicken fingers
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  • Steak, salami
    Vote E
  • Bbq ribs , pastrami
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  • Tacos
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Maybe Tacos

    Now I know Pizza and Hamburgers not so healthy but I gotta have from time to time.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Steak Of course
    Pizza isn't so bad
    Hamburgers aren't so bad either

    • Pizza is a lot of empty carbs

    • @Duvet I wouldn’t say empty... it’s mostly white flour, full of carbs, insulin spiking carbs... and you can top it with chicken and a little cheese... it’s decent I guess but the while flour isn’t good of course..

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