Is this a tomato?

Does this look like a tomato to you? My sister said she thinks it is one but I think it looks like a pepper. (FYI it's the size of a baseball but squished into this shape). Do you know?
Alleged "tomato"
  • That a tomato you crazy.
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  • Nope bro it not a tomato.
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Okay so. That is a tomato and I'm just crazy lol.. thanks guys. 👍


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  • It's a tomato... lol. She probably thinks it's a pepper because it's a bit elongated but peppers aren't round like that either.


Most Helpful Guy

  • You cannot tell the difference between a tomato and a pepper? You are making the rest of humanity look damn smart

    • I can but this one looks weird. I could tell if I cut it open but oh.. wait peppers are mostly hollow... 🤦 My bad I should've been able to tell by weight. Lol you're right. 😅

    • You can just knock on it and listen

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