Corner Store Burrito's?

Ok so here's the deal. I've got this dummy comming over who said we could shoot our own remake of 50 shades if I made Her some authentic mexican cuisine. Normally this wouldn't be an issue however I'm low on grub & lazy as f@ck, with only having like 12 hours until she gets here working up the ambition to walk to the grocery store is not a possibility. Thankfully there's a corner store across the street from the grocery store (on my side of the street, way more convenient) that sells no name frozen burrito's. I was wondering what you guys/ladies thought of me just telling her the corner store burrito's were frozen but are home made from like a night or two ago? Personally I think it should be the thought that counts & I've been thinking about Her a lot :)

P. s Keep in mind the devastation caused by these burrito's to one's digestive system is "explosive" to say the least💩💥
  • Buy those burrito's & trade'em for some muffin
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  • Run a hot bath & listen to the radio underwater!
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  • Don't leave the house but still hope for the 50 shades
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  • Rub one out & tell her it's not worth the effort or mess
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  • Order in delivered good mexican food. That way you don't have to go out.

  • If she's dumb enough to fall for it...

  • The fuck is this question? lol


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