If you were driving to a restaurant , and going to take the food home, would you stop at the drive through window order inside the restaurant?

I usually find any place to park and go inside to make the order because I feel that I have more time to browse the menu , I also feel that only lazy people order the food from the drive through window.
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  • Go inside the restuarant to make the order
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  • I would call the restaurant from a cell and place the order and then pick up on the way home.

    • But the food may be cold by the time you arrive if you got stuck in traffic

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    • I would only call the restaurant if I am ordering a pizza because it take more time to be ready than a burger o chicken

    • Yeah, pizza takes the longest time.

Most Helpful Guys

  • I like going inside, ordering, interacting with a person, and waiting, watching, if I can see the kitchen, looking to see if they are doing anything NASTY!!
    Sorry, calling on the phone, ahead, and coming in and phone-connected, is too much like Star Trek BORG for me!! Don't be BORG!! It's bad!!

    • It is even hard to hand you the food from the window unless your car is convertable. So either way you have to get out of the car to take the food from the window

  • I'd use the drive through, if I knew what I wanted. Otherwise, I'd probably go inside.


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  • I tried the drive through. They refused to serve be because I didn't have a car.


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