Does it seem like bars always seem to eventually go downhill for no reason?

its like everything is good for the first few years and the place is really busy , maybe even really cool and popular. then all of a sudden its not as busy and no one seems to know exactly why and seemed to be nothing the owners could do to turn things around. it just seems like its the nature of the industry , things come and go rather quickly even if people seemed to really like the bar itself at one point.

just wondering I was at this bar on Saturday night and other years in the past it would of been packed and crazy busy but now it seems like no one cares. well there was still people there and everyone seemed to be having a good time but just not as happening a place as in the past


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  • At least where I live, businesses pop up from time to time that are rivals to the established bars that stood the test of time (one is from the 1930s) and the new ones take from their clientele. A similar situation might be in your case. Other factors such as people moving can also contribute

    • I think this bar opened in 2005 or 2006 so its been there for a few years and used to be busy Friday and Saturday and sometimes crazy busy on Saturdays. although this year there now closed on Fridays except for special events or concerts and not as busy on Saturday as it used to be

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