How can I gain weight help me please?

i hate being too skinny.. yes some people might die to have a skinny body but i don't' like mine.. at some point i actually got jealous of people who eat and actually gain some weight.. being told every single day (gain some weight) or (i can break you easily) is not great you know it is just as bad a telling someone they should lose some weight and being told that you're too skinny is the same as calling someone too fat... does anyone have any ideas of how to gain weight ( i want to do it for myself to feel better about my body and not for others) so if you have ideas please tell me ( it doesn't have to be healthy food) .. thank you
i am a 16 year old girl


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  • I once knew a girl who had actually been prescribed a special daily drink by her doctor because she was so prone to being underweight. Perhaps something similar could help you as well?


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  • Eat more than the calories you burn every day. Can be healthy food and unhealthy food, though I recommend healthy food of course.

    Or if you're looking at gaining muscle instead of fat, just eat more protein and lift weights.


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