How much would you pay for the best cookies you've ever eaten?

Imagine it: you walk into a homey little bakery. You're welcomed by the warm, sweet scents of fresh brewed coffee and warm chocolate. The store owners welcome you with a smile and a warm greeting.

Now, you know that this bakery specializes in baking delicious, one of a kind cookies.
You've tried them before and absolutely loved them. You've even raved about them to all your friends on social media.

If you went into this bakery to order a cookie for yourself, or maybe even an entire batch for a party, what price would you be willing to pay for warm, delicious, fresh baked cookies?

1 Cookie: 1.50

3 Cookies: 4.50

12 Cookies: 12.50

24 Cookies: 22.50

What do you think about the prices listed above? Would you be willing to pay that for scrumptious cookies? Is it too high? Too low? I'd love too hear your opinion!


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  • The best cookies I have eaten were made in my own kitchen.


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  • Mama bakes best cookies ever. I get them free cuz Mama say I'm nice.

  • I'm not really the cookie type


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