What’s your favorite cookie?

  • What’s your favorite cookie?Chocolate chip.
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  • What’s your favorite cookie?Sugar cookie.
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  • What’s your favorite cookie?Double chocolate chip cookies.
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  • What’s your favorite cookie?Oatmeal raisin cookies.
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  • What’s your favorite cookie?Snickerdoodle cookies.
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  • What’s your favorite cookie?Peanut butter cookies.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Chocolate chip cookies are always a safe bet, I can finish a few of them specially the chewy ones.
    Sugar cookies are nasty for me 😝.
    Double chocolate cookies are good, tho you can't eat too many because of all the chocolate.
    Oatmeal cookies are my babe 🤤, specially if they taste good.
    Snickerdoodle? Is that a cinnamon roll? Never tasted those before.
    I don't think I have eaten peanut butter cookies either, they look good tho.

    • Oh my! You have to try a snickerdoodle asap!! I wish I could feed you.

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    • Oh! That sounds more interesting when you put it like that! What a brilliant idea!

    • I am telling you, is all about that education and out of the box thinking 🙌

Most Helpful Girl

  • Is there any other type besides oatmeal with raisins?

    • oatmeal chocolate chip, macadamia white chocolate oatmeal cookie... idk! You can say whatever type you like if you are leaving a comment and didn't like any of the options on the poll.

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    • Oh you are saying it in that way lmfao my bad

    • No problem I'm ok.

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