Pizza/wings or tacos/quesadillas for dinner tonight?

I can't decide what I want for dinner. All day I wanted pizza. Then my boyfriend came home and started talkin about this really good taco place near us. Now I'm torn 😫😫😫.
  • Pizza/wings
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  • Tacos/quesadillas
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We ended up ordering both!


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  • all are great, but i eat tacos multiple times a week

    • Haha I'm not a big taco fan. I like burritos and quesadillas better. My boyfriend is the taco person.

    • i used to like burritos better but i feel like you taste the meat better in a taco and have rice and beans on the side compared to a burrito. I have a weakness for al pastor tacos

    • Yeah but I feel like if I wanna focus on rice and beans then I'll just eat rice and beans. That's a whole separate meal haha.

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  • Seeing as I don't like tacos. Pizza & wings will do.

  • What are Pizza wings?

  • Pizza and wings, and now I want some xD

    • I knowww haha. I've been craving the pizza all day, but the other place has these amazing shrimp quesadillas that I looove and now also craving.

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    • Maybe. Or just get it all haha. We're fatasses

    • LMAO don't feel bad, i'm eating late too and it happens to be tv dinners for a change.

  • Tacos/Quesadillas

    • We got all of it, pretty. And I ended up falling asleep before it came. So I'm up eating now haha

    • Doll. And I don't know how you can do that, I can never eat after when I wake up lmao

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