What’s your favourite childhood snack?

I’ve always loved dunkaroos
What’s your favourite childhood snack?
Mho anyone?


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  • Nickelodeon used to have these chocolate balls with a prize inside. Forget what they were called. But I also loved spicy doritos

    • Like kinder eggs?

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    • Lol kids are dumb. But also the ones we had here were smaller

    • Also I'll take MHO if nobody else wants it

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  • That's my favourite as well. And chocolates specially kissies.

    • When I was in middle school I went to my crush on Valentine’s Day and asked if he wanted a kiss. I was pretty confident that he didn’t like me and would say no, so when that thought became a reality, I pulled out the chocolate kiss from my pocket and said ok I’ll eat it myself

    • Lol 😂. When I asked my boyfriend to get kissies for me. He immediately kissed me and said "here u go" . Im like "kissies chocolates"😡.

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